Many of our patients choose to leave reviews about our services, clinic, and care on various online platforms.

We feel that these testimonials are a wonderful way for prospective patients and referring providers to best understand the patient experience at DuPont Clinic. Please take a look at these reviews to hear about our services in our patients’ own words.

“I found out I was pregnant really late. I took my birth control (pill) daily without fail and experienced no pregnancy symptoms and wasn’t showing even slightly…”


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“I was told by Planned Parenthood that my only options for an abortion with how far along I was, were to go to either Colorado or New Mexico…”


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“I felt like I had a friend by my side the entire time making me laugh and kept me talking so I wasn’t freaking out.”

“It was a beautiful location and the experience was incredible comfortable and relaxing. I am so grateful for every effort the DuPont clinic makes to make this possible. Truly a world class facility and experience.”

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