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The DuPont Clinic is a referral center for ultrasound-guided procedures, primarily for management of abnormal and high-risk pregnancies. We provide the highest level of medical care and an experience focused on the needs of each patient. The DuPont Clinic provides care to women with complex medical situations who would otherwise have difficulty obtaining care.

The DuPont Clinic was opened in June 2017 after years of preparation by Dr. Matthew Reeves and Maritza Basemore. The clinic was designed not to feel like a traditional clinic or medical office. The clinic was designed to create an optimal patient experience, not for high volume.

We accept all patients. We do not turn away patients based on their medical or surgical history or the reason for termination. Because we can take patients to one of three nearby hospitals, we have more flexibility to accept all referrals. Dr. Reeves has been performing dilation and evacuation since 2001.