Ectopic Pregnancy:

Sonographic evaluation and minimally invasive management of extrauterine pregnancy.

At the DuPont Clinic, we specialize in the diagnosis and management of advanced ectopic pregnancies. We have years of experience in the ultrasonographic evaluation of all types of ectopic pregnancies. Through the use of ultrasound-guided injection, we are able to manage most ectopic pregnancies without surgery.

Cesarean scar implantation ectopic pregnancy

Tubal ectopic pregnancy

Cornual ectopic preganancy

Abdominal ectopic pregnancy

Cervical ectopic pregnancy

Ovarial ectopic pregnancy

Selective reduction of multiple gestation pregnancies. we perform selective reductions down to twins or singletons from 12 weeks and beyond for all indications.

Selective reduction from triplets(or higher order multiples) to twins

Selective reduction from twins to singletons

Ultrasonographic evaluation of gynecologic conditions

Intracavitary and submucosal leiomyomata (fibroids). Using saline-infusion sonohysterography, we can determine the location and intracavitary extent of leiomyomas. The intracavity is commonly used to determine whether hysteroscopic resection is likely to be successful.

Endometrial polyps. Using saline-infusion sonohysterography, we can diagnose endometrial polyps accurately and easily

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