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Abortion is legal in all trimesters in Washington, D.C.

For more information on whether abortion is legal in your home state, visit this site which is updated regularly:

Washington, DC does not have waiting period laws, gestational age restriction, or requirements to see or hear ultrasounds.

Yes, all patients and support people entering the clinic need to bring a form of picture ID. Please call us to discuss this if you do not have a picture ID.

The cost of your procedure should not prevent you from accessing essential medical care. Please reach out to these funding organizations for assistance.

We do not offer payment plans. Please reach out to these organizations for assistance affording your procedure.

We are considered out of network for all insurance plans. We can assist you with filing for reimbursement after your procedure.

You can read descriptions of procedures here.

We provide care for patients through 31 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy. However, we have limited appointment availability so we encourage all prospective patients to call as soon as possible.

No, Washington D.C. does not have parental involvement laws so minors don’t need to bring a parent or guardian. We do require all patients receiving sedation to bring an escort but this person does not have to be a parent or guardian.

Yes! A common myth about abortion is that it will prevent you from being able to have healthy pregnancies in the future. This is not true. Your fertility before will be the same after your procedure.

Abortion is a very low-risk procedure and in most cases is 14 times safer than giving birth. Our clinicians are experienced and highly skilled and we perform all procedures under ultrasound guidance as an added precaution.

Our address is 1120 19th St NW, Suite 800, Washington, D.C. We are metro accessible at the Farragut West, Farragut North, and DuPont Circle stops off of the red and blue lines. You can also drive but parking is limited.

Street parking is extremely limited. There are several parking garages close to our clinic. Parking can cost anywhere between $8-21 for the day. To find the lowest cost garages download and use "parkwhiz" on your smartphone.

We require all out of state patients to stay within .5 miles of the clinic. You can find a list of nearby hotels here.

We do not turn patients away regardless of current or prior medical history. Our clinicians are highly skilled and experienced with providing care for people with high-risk pregnancies. Please call us at 202-844-2004 to discuss your specific concerns.

We require all patients receiving anesthesia to bring an escort. Please contact us if you are having difficulty finding an escort to come with you.

It is not necessary to see us or your own doctor for a follow up after an abortion. We perform all procedures under ultrasound guidance so we know the abortion was completed safely and without complications.

No, no body piercings or jewelry will interfere with the procedure or ultrasound.

Wear whatever you will be most comfortable in. We suggest stretchy pants and lose fitting clothing.

We give you all prescriptions you need while you're here, but if you have ibuprofen, advil or motrin at home you can bring it. A heating pad or hot water bottle to help with cramps is also helpful.

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In our clinic, we prioritize providing compassionate and confidential abortion care in a supportive environment where your comfort and dignity are paramount.

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