Many of our patients choose to leave reviews about our services, clinic, and care on various online platforms.  We feel that these testimonials are a wonderful way for prospective patients and referring providers to best understand the patient experience at DuPont Clinic. Please take a look at these reviews to hear about our services in our patients’ own words.

The staff there are truly welcoming and make you feel as comfortable as humanly possible and then some. From the initial first phone call right up to the date of my appointment, DuPont took care of me.

There are not enough superlatives to describe how extraordinary the employees of the Dupont Clinic are.

From the first phone call I felt really cared about with no judgement…The whole staff was seriously amazing and I wish they could be my doctors for everything else too.

This place really needs to be the standard that every other clinic looks at. Couldn’t be cleaner, the entire staff couldn’t be nicer, couldn’t be better by any means. Thank you DuPont team, you all will hold a special place in my heart forever.

This place has the most wonderful people I have ever met, they supported me in the most loving and caring way!! I want to just say you couldn’t find more amazing skilled people!

This practice far surpassed any of our expectations…Thank you so much, DuPont Clinic for everything.

I felt like I had a friend by my side the entire time making me laugh and kept me talking so I wasn’t freaking out.

It was a beautiful location and the experience was incredible comfortable and relaxing. I am so grateful for every effort the DuPont clinic makes to make this possible. Truly a world class facility and experience.

Some patients have also written reddit posts that go into more depth about our care .

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