For Patients

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The clinic

At the DuPont Clinic, our goal is to make your experience as comfortable and private as possible. Each patient and her family will have one of four private rooms for the duration of her time at the DuPont Clinic. She and her family will be taken directly from the entrance to a private room. She will only need to leave the private room to go to the procedure room. Family members can stay in the private room while she is in the procedure room. You are unlikely to see any of the other patients in the office. As the family will have to wait during the procedure and while the patient wakes from sedation, each room is equipped with a television to pass the time more comfortably. Each room has a lightning and micro-usb charger.

The procedure room is bright and clean. The room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between patients. Although all medical equipment needed for routine care and emergencies is inside the room, we strive to make the procedure room appear as comfortable as possible. We only use cloth gowns and provide slippers.

The process

Most patients will need two appointments, with one night between the two visits. Thus most visits to the DuPont Clinic will require a two-night stay. For patients traveling to the DuPont Clinic, you should plan to be in Washington, DC, for 2-3 nights. For some patients at later gestational ages and without a prior vaginal delivery, three visits may be needed. If this is the case, the first visits can usually be in the later afternoon to allow you to travel that morning. Our staff can assist in making travel plans. We have several hotels within walking distance. More information on getting to the clinic is available here.

The first visit is a pre-procedure assessment. At this visit, we will ask questions to be sure that we know everything that we need to know about you and your medical history. Then we will explain the plan for your care and ensure that you understand the entire process. Questions are encouraged. The last step is an ultrasound and may involve additional steps to prepare for the procedure. These steps will vary based on gestational age and the specifics of each patient’s situation.

The procedure will then be performed on the next day, except in rare circumstances. You and your family will return to one of the private rooms. Then you will change into a cloth gown and go to the procedure room. Unless otherwise desired by the patient, we prefer to use moderate sedation for all procedures. Most procedures take 5-20 minutes. After the procedure, most patients sleep for 15-45 minutes as they recover. Most patients can leave 1-2 hours after the procedure.